Starting out with Malawis

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Starting out with Malawis

Post by NedtheDog on 28/5/2012, 18:31

Have just finished setting up my SECOND Malawi tank, I have no fish yet but looking forward to buying some later this week. I have been keeping tropical's 55years give or take, and this is my first attempt at Rifts. I am so looking forward to seeing the tank in the lounge filled with movement and colour.
I blame Blooper and D13H4rd for posting video of their Malawi set ups, lol.
Any advice readily accepted.

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Re: Starting out with Malawis

Post by DarloKev on 28/5/2012, 18:40

I found the malawis to be the easiest to get right as the coral sand and ocean rock pretty much sorts the water chemistry out for you, just lots of oxygen and lots of flow and stick with good quality fish.


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