fishy bits for

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fishy bits for

Post by debnel on 17/5/2013, 18:34

various bits...
fluval plus 1 fliter (2 of these)
net floating tank.
plastic floating tank with grill and divider.
5in1 floating tank...great for betta lid dividers grills. my fave floater tank
tank divider can be cut to size with trim edging & metal hook to hold in place.
2 x net.
large glass cleaning magnet.
sterazin...most bof bottle
tap water cond..
ph dip stick test kit.
great salt lake decap eggs. great food. add direct or mix with water for fry.
1/2 bag flake food (bigger than my hand)
sturgeon pellets. (won as prize but plecs like them lol)

all my left over bits...anyone want to buy anything?

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