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white spot

Post by carpguru on 4/1/2012, 14:47

White Spot Disease is the most common Disease in the home aquarium. this disease is also easily cured if
caught in time.whitspot is actually a protozoa called Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. There are three phases to the life cycle of this protozoa.
Normally. to the novice fishkeeper .the life cycle is of no importance. However. since whitespot is susceptible to treatment at only one stage
of the cycle.an awareness of the cycle is important.

•Adult stage<-->it is embedded in the skin or gills of the fish, causing irritation {fish showing signs of irritation will flick against decor}
and the appearance of small white spots. As the parasite grows it feeds on red blood cells and skin cells. After a few days
it forces itself out of the fish and falls free to the bottom of the aquarium.

•Cyst stage <--> after falling to the bottom, the adult parasite forms into a cyst can each give rise to up to 1000 young
the free swimming stage.

•Free swimming stage<--> after the cyst phase, about 1000 free swimming young swim about looking for a host. If a host is not
found within 24 to 36 hours. the parasite dies. Once a host is found the whole cycle begins all over again.
These three phases take about a month at 70º F but only about a week at 80º F. For this reason it is
recommended that the aquarium water be raised to about 80º for the duration of the treatment.
If the fish can stand it, raise the temperature even higher up to 83ºF.
The free swimming stage is the best time to treat with chemicals. Raising the
aquarium temperature to 80º F will greatly shorten the time for the free swimming phase
to occur. The treatment of choice i use CUPRAZIN which is a waterlife product
By reducing the time (with raised temperature) of the stages, you should be able to attack the free swimming phase effectively.

i used to use malachite green. but it is hard to get hold of now and tends to stain the plastic
and silicone in the aquarium. Most commercial remedies contain malachite green
and/or copper, which are both effective.

there is still more to be added to this list


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