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The common symptoms of this disease is a swollen belly. The
fish's scales may protrude in these swollen areas.and might take on the
appearance of a pine cone effect It is easy to mistake such fish from
pregnant females. The fish appear lethargic and stop eating .A Virus as well as bacteria
infection can cause dropsy. Bad water quality or infected live food or poor nutritional food
are things that can contribute to dropsy out brakes
in your aquarium. Once the damage reaches the kidney, the condition becomes almost
incurable. The infection must be caught early if you wish to save your
fish. This infection is very difficult to cure even if discovered early. Dropsy
is however is not highly infectious. Dead fish should still be removed from
the aquarium; otherwise healthy fish may come and eat the dead ones.
there is some available remedies i would use waterlife octozin also 1 table spoon of aquarium
salt per gallon maybe beneficial

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