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First signs off this starting are pale Grayish white patches on the body of the fish
or around its mouth are the first common signs of Columnaris.
These patches appear like spider web or like a network of veins especially around
the mouth. And is often mistaken for mouth fungus .
The fins of the fish may become blood streaked at the base and can also show signs
Of erosion the gills get affected next and can cause rapid breathing
Sore patches start to appearing on the later stage’s the fish also at the stage becomes
Clamped finned . Columnaris disease is bacterial disease, and is a direct result of poor water quality. Sometimes, the shock of being introduced to the new aquarium leads to Columnaris. Anti-bacterial medications will only work if it is caught in the very early stage’s but
In The later stages as it take hold of the internal organs antibiotic medications are the only
Way that this disease can be cured in the later stages

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