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Re: Fisues

Post by Fish dude on 15/1/2012, 21:03

There are 2 basic types of fish disease.

Type 1. This is an Infectiouse Disease these are not the nicest thing to hit your tank an infectiouse disease can and will kill all of your tanks inhabitants if not treated correctly.When a fish becomes ill it is no different to you or I when we get ill illnesses such as Fungus,Bacterial Infection,Parasite Infestation and many more that are very very contagious.An Infectious Disease will not just disappear by itself if left untreated it can and will get worse and your fish wont survive.

Type 2. This is a Non Infectiouse disease.These types of disease can be easily reversed with the a change in feeding habits,lower or raising of temperature or maybe something as simple as a change in environment can solve any problems your fish maybe having to deal with.

Ok so we are now aware of the the 2 different types of infections now i will explain how to revers the effects of the 3 Infectious diseases that i mentioned in type 1.

Bacterial Infections,Fungus, Reason for this is your fish may have been damaged or stressed by poor environment conditions or maybe Overcrowded.

What to look for.
you will notice patches that look like cotton wool this must be treated as soon as it is recognised, you can do this buy treating with Molochite green I might add that organic dyes are not suitible for delicate fish.

this infection is commonly mistaken for mouth fungus(columnaris which is infact an of white to grey colouring) this infection should be treated with a suitable Antibiotic medication.

Now onto Parasite Infestation Now as an Aquarist its a good idea to be able to recognise a parasite if its in your tank also knowing what type of fish your keeping aswell is a good idea as certain parasite medication can be harmfull to delicate fish.If you think you have recognised a parasite in your tank you then need to decide if you need to treat the whole tank or remove the ill fish to a seperate tank.Certain parasites that infect the skin and gills can be removed manually or you can dip the fish into a medicated bowl of water for 5min at a time bare in mind this will stress out your fish 3 dips should be enough. You have to 1st identify the parasite since there are several different types of medication for each parasite.Also alot of medication is capable of destroying microorganisms can and will destroy good bacteria in your tank so take care when treating you fish.

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Re: Fisues

Post by carpguru on 18/1/2012, 12:52

sorted dude and it looks good mate
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