2 shops to have a look at

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2 shops to have a look at

Post by kennybuck on 15/10/2011, 21:07

2 shops I have visited recently are well worth a mention.
S & C Aquatics in Stanley opened this year. Run by Steve Nelson, I have allways found it spotless and the tanks in tip top condition.
Steves motto is, "If I aint got it, I will have a darn good try to get it.
You will see Steve at most auctions and he allways has time for a chat.
The next one is in Nottingham, Wharf Aquatics. OK, not in the area, but if you ever get a chance to visit, you will not be dissapointed. A well established shop and one that all aquatic outlets are striving to be like.
I found this through a friend and by beeing in the area to buy some fish from private breeders in Nottingham.


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Re: 2 shops to have a look at

Post by scott on 17/10/2011, 21:19

s$c is a great shop and steve always has time for a chat and a coffee and he gets some lovelt more unusual species in


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