the beginners guide to setting up a tank

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the beginners guide to setting up a tank

Post by carpguru on 14/10/2011, 19:55

in the process of doing the write up

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setting up a tank for goldfish

Post by mrsbiffster on 15/10/2011, 21:01

Well setting up a tank for goldfish really depends on the size of tank you want and how many fish you want to keep. Usually a beginners tank is a very small tank or goldfish bowl. The drawback with them is they are never filtered or have a turnover of water, so the poor goldfish dies with polluted water due to over feeding or lack of oxygen in the water.
Personally i would start off with a 30" or 36" tank. Next is the choice of media (gravel). There is a wide choice of gravel, from the different coloured types to a more natural type. When you buy your gravel, wash it thoroughly before putting in the tank, this takes out any dust or impurities.
Next buy a filteration system. I have used in the past undergravel filters, bubbleup filters, internal filters and external filters.
Ornaments or rocks and stones to make the tank look good. Plants are another good thing, plastic or real. Bear in mind that goldfish are vegetarian so any real plants would be devoured in no time.
Now it's time to fill the tank with water.

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